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One of the most important elements at another mondaen are our materials. In addition to development, the selection of materials takes up the most time. It is important that the materials not only meet the design requirements, but can also be used in everyday life. We want to create products that accompany you in your everyday life and become a part of your life.

we develop designs that a Stay companions for life. Over the years we have built up a network of the best workshops in Germany and Europe. It is important to us that we can work directly with our partners on site. Regular visits to the production sites and personal contact with the producers are always part of our work. This is the only way we can perfect our know-how and creative freedom.

We think in big visions and let ourselves be inspired by traditional handicraft businesses. Due to the short delivery routes of the materials and personal partnerships, we create a place for traditional craftsmanship in the modern world. With our designs we tell stories and bring them into your home.


Fabrics and textiles are one of our main components in product development. They are an important part of interior design.

It is important to us to offer a wide range of options. Only in this way can our design standards be guaranteed with a high level of functionality.

For the textiles, we mainly work with great suppliers from Europe. We obtain one of our plain qualities from Belgium. A company that has been active in this field since the early 90s. We work out the fabric designs with Janneke. Working together is always a great and enriching experience.

Another supplier is located in the center of the fashion city of Paris. The special feature is not only that large French fashion companies have their production here, but that the materials are exclusively woven by hand.

This enables almost limitless freedom in the interaction of the individual yarns. For a special effect, even an old cassette tape can be used. This creative mindset is essential for another mondaen.

It is important to us to give traditional craftsmanship a place in the modern world. Therefore hand embroidery should not be missing.

This precise and delicate craft is made near Milan

implemented. Maria, who masters these skills to perfection with her team, turns the designs into beautiful works of art with us.


Another important part of another mondaen is our leather.

Marc, our leather supplier, has his leather warehouse just a few streets away from our location. The shortest delivery routes are therefore guaranteed here.

The most important thing for us is to use leather that is 100% sustainable. That's why we use cattle hides from southern Germany, which are left over in the meat industry and instead of being thrown away, are given new life as leather.

The special feature of our leather is the natural tanning agent that is used. The leather is tanned exclusively with olive leaf concentrate and does not contain any chemical substances or pollutants for the environment. This tanning process also facilitates the accumulation of large quantities of olive leaves, which normally have to be burned. For the concentrate, these are boiled instead of burned and thus processed more gently.

And even our tanning agent comes from the region. Thomas, Marc's tanning agent supplier, is based in Reutlingen, a neighboring town.

The close contact to the suppliers, the local mutual support of small family businesses in Germany and Europe as well as the development of sustainable alternatives is the claim that defines another mondaen, among other things.



In September 2019 we met Michael. Michael is a designer and head of department at a traditional company for piping and trimmings from Biberach and is very familiar with the production of special skills. The company is also in the immediate vicinity of Pfullingen.

After we were able to tour the company and see the variety of possibilities it has to offer, we knew that Michael was the perfect partner for us.

We now maintain very close contact with Toni and Peter from local production. We are always happy to develop new creations with them and to work on new challenges.



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