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Where do you get your fabrics from?

- We source our fabrics from different countries. We mainly work with Italian and French suppliers, but also with partners from the Netherlands. We are in very close contact with our suppliers to ensure that the materials are produced fairly and under good conditions.

What kind of leather do you use and how is it tanned?

- We only use leather from southern German cattle. Our leather is tanned with olive leaves.

Where are your products produced?

- We sew all cushions in our own factory in Pfullingen. We are very proud that we still have this opportunity today to be able to offer Made in Germany.

Why are your pillowcases lined?

- Each cushion is lined with an inner lining, as this protects the interior finish and creates an all-round beautiful overall picture. It was always important for us to create a product that meets all requirements and can last as long as possible.

Where can I buy your pillows?

- You can order all products from our online shop. We are already working on positioning ourselves on other online platforms. You will soon learn more about this here.

Can the pillow fillings be washed in the washing machine?

- Yes, the pillow fillings can all be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees. Don't let the pillow fillings air dry, instead put them in the dryer on a low setting. This keeps the feathers for a long time. We recommend shaking the cushions regularly and airing them dry in good weather.

Do you also exhibit at trade fairs?

- Yes, we exhibit at different fairs. You can always find the current data on this in our journal.

Do you also make products other than pillows?

- We have specialized in the product pillow. For us, the cushion is one of the most important design elements in the interior. We will continue to focus on this in the future. There will be other interior products to match the collections. But the pillow will always be the center of our brand.

Can you wash the pillowcase?

- We do not recommend washing the pillowcases in a household washing machine, but to have them professionally cleaned. However, most covers can be hand washed. Pay attention to the care instructions marked on the product. We do not recommend washing leather cushions. The material can react sensitively with water over time. We recommend wiping them with a damp cloth. For most covers, it is sufficient if they are aired out in the fresh air.

What is the best way to care for the leather cushions?

- All leather products can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Then dry again with a dry cloth so that the moisture does not penetrate the material. Due to the coating on the leather skin, the material is insensitive. However, we do not recommend washing in the washing machine. Please pay attention to the care instructions marked on the product.

Do the pillows come with a pillow filling?

- In the shop you have the option to choose whether you want the pillow with or without filling. We recommend that you always order a filling from another mondaen, as our fillings are perfectly matched to our pillowcases.

Why do some products have different delivery times?

- The different delivery time of our products depends on the complexity of the different materials. Some materials and designs take longer because they are handmade.

Can your factory be visited?

- Yes, our manufactory can be visited by appointment via Please always make an appointment with us.

What is a welt?

- Keder is an edge reinforcement made of textiles. They are often used in upholstery processing to ensure shape and stability.

What are your pillow fillings filled with?

- All fillings are filled with 100% duck feathers. We do not guarantee live plucking.

Are your pillow fillings suitable for house dust allergy sufferers?

- Yes, all our fillings are suitable for people who are allergic to house dust.

Shipping & returns

Are there shipping costs?

- Shipping is free for orders over €200.00. Shipping costs apply to orders under €200.00. The general DHL tariffs apply here.

How long do I have for a return?

- You can return the goods within 14 days. Unfortunately, once this period has expired, we can no longer accept the return. Note that only new and unused goods can be returned.

Who pays the return shipping costs?

You have to pay the return shipping costs yourself. Because we want to avoid, for environmental reasons, that goods are ordered in excess and then sent back.



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